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Our Sinus Relief Shower Melts are handmade with all natural ingredients to provide you with the ultimate sinus relief.

  • Simply place one melt on the shower floor and let the effervescence and steam spa work their magic.
  • The soothing blend of essential oils will help clear your sinuses while also providing a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to all natural sinus relief with our shower melts.


Additional Scents:

  • Lavender for extra relaxation
  • Lemon for a bright morning pick me up


8 tablets


Sinus Relief Shower Melts

  • Close all doors, windows, and turn off air vent.  Turn on the hot shower to your normal temperature.  Place a tablet under the hot water stream and began your shower.  As the tablet dissolves it will release the vapors and you will start to feel relief!

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